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How to Convert WMA to WAV?

What is wma and wav format? Why do we need to converting wma to wav?

While editing a video, we often confront the question of converting a file from one format to another, sometimes we just need to convert the audio format, like convert wma to wav. Now let's see how we can do this.

WMA(Windows Media Audio) and WAV are all audio formats developed by Microsoft corporation.Since wma performs better than MP3 in terms of compression ratio and sound quality, and it is far better than ra (Real Audio), therefore most of the online audition websites use wma format. Moreover, with the development of electronic technology, most of the music players support wma format. And wave is the standard Windows file format for recording, the extension of the file is wav. It's one of the lossless audio formats, thus the file is relatively large. We need to add lossless audio to high definition video or Blu-ray videos, converting wma to wav allows us to get the audio files we need.

The best wma to .wav converter - idoo Video Editor

The operation for most of the video editing software is relatively complicated while processing format conversion. idoo Video Editor allows you to easily convert .wma to .wav, meanwhile you can edit the video files in advanced edit mode, such as cutting, merging, adding watermarks, etc. For individual wma and wav audio files, it is very convenient to do the cutting. The best wma to.wav converter is exactly the idoo Video Editor.

How to convert .wma to .wav by idoo Video Editor?

Through the following tutorial, let's show how to convert wma to wav.

Step by Step:

1.Open idoo Video Editor Pro, then open Advanced Video Cutter function, click "Add File" (arrow 1), add the wma format audio to be edited. Select the point at which you want to cut (arrow 2). As shown below:

convert wma to wav

2.Click "Output Settings". In the "Output format" (arrow 3), select the output file format as wav format (arrow 4). As shown below:

how to convert wma to wav

3.After completing the settings, You can make advanced settings for the output wav format, as shown in the arrow 5 below:

convert .wma to .wav

1.After all the settings are completed, return to the main control panel, click the Start button to start editing and conversion. Eventually we got the wav file we wanted. As shown below:

converting wma to wav