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What Can idoo Video Editor Do for Your Facebook?

Facebook Has Become The Third Most Frequently Used Application Software on Phones

IDC conducted a survey on the frequency of use of Facebook on smart phones. They asked the users between 14 to 18 years old of the usage of Facebook in one certain week in March. The results showed that the average usage of it was 14 times per day, more interesting, 79% of the users would use Facebook within 15 minutes when they woke up everyday, and 62% even used it the moment they opened their eyes in the morning. And among the users between 18 to 24, the data turned to be 89% and 74%. Facebook provided assistance to this survey, and most questions were centered in social networks. The results showed that the Facebook was the third most frequently used application software on phones, just closely behind email and internet browser. More than 70% users frequently use Facebook, and more than half users were waiting for the updating.

The peak-hour of Facebook is just before the bedtime, and the number of average usage is 13.8, and lasts 22 seconds to 2 minutes each time. In other word, the average usage time of Facebook is about half an hour. The frequency is higher in weekends. As for the location where it is used, 46% of users use it when shopping or on business, 48% use it in gym, and even 47% people use it when cooking. Most people log into Facebook for viewing news, more than half for playing games, and the rest are usually sending message or updating their status.

What Can idoo Video Editor Do for Your Facebook?

As an especially developed video editing software for beginners, idoo Video Editor was designed based on sufficient user survey on their requirements. And that’s the reason why it has fuller and better functions than similar software. More than the easy operation, the exciting news is that it can directly convert your videos into formats for facebook video while editing them. idooVideoEditor is your best facebook video converter. You can also easily convert your facebook video to mp3 by this video editor,

Meanwhile, the “Effect” function of idoo Video Editor is also great. The following part will illustrate this function and how to convert the edited video into formats for Facebook.


facebook video converter

1.   Click “Add File” (Arrow1) to select the file to edit.

2.   You may select the special effects you want from the left box (area pointed by Arrow2).

video effect software

3.   By clicking “Output Settings”(Arrow3), the quality, size and other configurations of output files can be set in the dialog box. See picture showing above.

video effect software

4.   Click Arrow4, and select the Facebook format you need from the list. See picture showing above.

5.   When you finish all settings, click “Start” to begin editing. Then you may check the output file or edit it.

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