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What Can I Do for you, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S?

What’s The Secret Weapon of iPhone 5S?

For a long time, the share price of Apple Inc. stayed low. Will it rebound?

No one believes that Apple will be depressed forever. While the Stock Analyst Katy Huberty said in the Monday interview of CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel), the share price of Apple was close to the bottom, however it would rebound after iPhone 5S being released.

Peter Oppenheimer, the CFO of Apple Inc., said when interviewed by Katy Huberty, iPhone 5S has its trump card to make consumers learn more about iso platform and use it. However Peter Oppenheimer did not reveal the true face of this “trump card”, and he just indicated it would bring values for 500 million iPhone users.

It seems that iPhone 5S really has its secret weapon with magical power. Let’s guess what this secret weapon is.

According to the analysis of Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst of KGI, iPhone 5S will apply the technology of next generation of Apple, which means the employment of A7X chip, intelligent indicator light and fingerprint encryption technology and so on. He forecast the application of Smart Flash technology as well, which takes the yellow or white LED into use to ensure the high quality of photos. And the battery capacity will be reach 1600 MAH, which is also an improvement.

However, Japanese media maybe reveal the internal components of iPhone 5S recently, and this time were vibration motor and “Home” key. Because of some drawbacks of iPhone 5, such as the peeled off painting, insensitivity of touch screen, iPhone 5S may well give up in-cell touch screen and back to on-cell instead. Which one would be the secret weapon of iPhone 5S? And what indeed it is? Judging from those crazy patents of Apple Inc. before, such as compressible devices and Smart Cover, let’s imagine it boldly and expect it eagerly!

What Can I Do for you, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S?

The media supported by iPhone 5 include video formats of MP4, 3GP, AVC, AVI and MPEG-4, and audio formats of Mp3, AAC, AMR, WAV and MID. MP4 can be played by iTunes directly, while the others need the third party codecs. It has to be pointed out that iPhone 5 cannot play RMVB videos, which means we need an iPhone video converter to convert RMVB into supported video formats.

What about Final Cut Pro, the software developed by Apple Inc.? It is a video converter for iPhone 5, however, it cannot import FLV or RM files, and it needs transcoding. It is also troublesome to convert the formats by iMovie, which have to install QuickTime 7 and transformation plug-ins.

The video/audio format conversion is neither an easy job for iPhone 5, nor is there any obvious sign that it can be solved by iPhone 5S. Actually it is not what iPhone 5S really concerns.

Luckily idoo Video Editor can solve all those problems. It can not only help you to convert video and audio files of iPhone 5 between each other, but also edit them. You will edit, play and share your videos more easily.

After iPhone 5S being leased, idoo Video Editor will be rapidly updated to fit iPhone 5S, and get rid of all your worries. The following part will show you how to convert videos or audios into formats of iPhone 5S by idoo Video Editor.


how to split videos

a.   Open the function of “Advanced Video Cutter” of idoo Video Editor.

b.   Click “Add File” (Tag 1) to add your video.

b.   Click Tag 2 or 3.

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