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idoo Video Editor: What Does It Mean to Your Samsung Phone

Great Impact Brought by Samsung Galaxy S4

As a main competitor of Apple, this time what surprise will Samsung Galaxy S4 bring us ?

Recently the latest top models of Samsung, Galaxy S4, attracted most people’s eyes, and undoubtedly it will become a blockbuster in the market. Though it did not show up in MWC 2013, it left people endless imagination. The “4+4 Super Core Monster” adopted by Galaxy S4 became a highlight in the cell phone industry.

What we know is that Galaxy S4 will have two versions, quad-core version and double-quad-core version, while the other configurations may not vary much from the earlier info.

There is also something new, ie. Galaxy S4 employed the technology of wireless charging. Though Samsung did not show the charger on MWC, recently the Qi wireless charger accessories of Galaxy S4 appeared online, however there is no concrete news to point out whether it will come into market at the same time.

As for the main features, such as 13 million pixels rear camera, 2 million pixels front-facing camera, HD quality recording, video calls and self-timer, have been widely known by people, and the camera modules have been exposed online. However, we may have put our attention to the GS4 eye tracking software, whose functions of intelligent suspension and rolling may open a new door to the time of Human-Computer Interaction.

The appearance of Galaxy S4 is more graceful than S3, and instead of S3’s brushed metal feel, the body of S4 is of dark figures. You may get a new feeling.

Maybe the opinions of those mobile phone enthusiasts can give us a summary:
“S4 can be controlled without finger touch, it is an Eye-Phone which we are expecting, and that’s the exciting new function. The 13 million pixels camera is good, with face-capture function. Compared to Galaxy Note, the same thickness, while S4 is lighter. 4.99 inches SoLux screen of 1920*1080 pixels is great, suitable size. However S4 was equipped with so many new technologies that the stability is to be improved. New appearance is still being expected.”

How heavy the impact will Galaxy S4 bring us? It will soon be answered, and let’s wait and see.

idoo Video Editor: What Does It Mean to Your Samsung Phone

Samsung has been developing new products, with different screen size and resolution. Because the video and audio types the phones supported are different too, the file format became a big problem when we transfer and share them among various media devices. Subsequently came the problems of video crop and edit.

idoo Video Editor is an excellent software which integrated powerful functions. It worth mentioning, it has isolated cropper which enables you to crop videos easily, and this also makes it outstanding among similar software.

Based on periodically user and market survey, idoo Video Editor has been keeping the pace with the technology of hardware and software. You need a Samsung video converter, a Samsung video editor, and in one word , you need idoo Video Editor.

The following part will show you how to crop and convert video and audio for your Samsung phone.


how to split videos

A.   Drag the crop line (Tag1) to adjust the position of the crop area. You may click the drag-down list (Tag2) to select the crop line color, and you may also defined your own color. Then click “Output Settings” (Tag3).

how to split videos

Click the drag-down list of “Output Format” (Tag4) and select Samsung format (Tag5) from it. Then you can crop your video and convert it into Samsung format just in one step.

You can just click “Start” to get the video cropped or add more effects to the video. For more detailed operations, please refer to relative information in our sites.

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