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idoo Video Editor, The Best Editor for Your Game Videos

Diablo 3, Still The Lord of Creation

The ex-chief designer of Diablo 3, Jay Wilson, disclosed at GDC that, there are more than one million players log into the great work of Blizzard, Diablo3, and besides that, the number of players who log into it every month exceeded 3 million.

Jay Wilson said, there would be more players join in Diablo 3 in the future, which may be influenced by console version. Blizzard had released the console version of Diablo 3, and the off-line function and span mode of PS3 version attracted lots of players’ eyes. He also said that the team of Diablo 3 has been improving the experiencing.

idoo Video Editor, The Best Editor for Your Game Videos

idoo Video Editor is a tool developed to fit various needs of video editing. And it’s a ps3 video converter which can easily convert ps3 video formats. It’s also a swf video converter which can easily convert swf to video.

The powerful format conversion and easy operation may meet requirements of different users.

In the area of games, the gaming devices and the technologies keep upgrading, just like the large game, Diablo 3. You may need a great video editing software which can edit and convert the format of game videos. idoo Video Editor is your best choice.

Moreover, idoo Video Editor also supports SWF files and the interactive editing, and not all similar software can do so. For game videos, we may need to add special effects to those scenes, or make something new. That’s another reason why choose idoo Video Editor, whose 14 advanced video effects would enable you to create your own game videos.

The following tutorial will show you the “Effect” function of idoo Video Editor, as well as how to convert swf or PS3 formats into video files you need.


video editing software

1.   Click “Add File” (Arrow1) to select the file to edit.

2.   You may select the special effects you want from the left box (area pointed by Arrow2).

video effect software

3.   By clicking “Output Settings”(Arrow3), the quality, size and other configurations of output files can be set in the dialog box. See picture showing above.

video effect software

4.   Click Arrow4, and select the swf format you need from the list. See picture showing above (idoo Video Editor also supports imported swf files).

5.   When you finish all settings, click “Start” to begin editing, then the edited file will be converted into swf.

video effect software

6.   Click Arrow4, you may also select the PS3 format you from the list. See picture showing above.

7.   When you finish all settings, click “Start” to begin editing, and the video will be converted into file supported by PS3. Then you may check the output file or edit it.

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