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idoo Video Editor:Let Yourself Win More “Like” on Facebook

Syncapse: $174.17, The Average Value of A Facebook Fan

Do you like to “like”? Do you generously give your praise to anything interesting? A recent report revealed that the average value of brand Fans in key customer categories raised to $174.17. To measure fans’ value, Syncapse interviewed over 2,000 Facebook users who have liked brands on the social network. Then they looked at multiple factors, including Product spending, Loyalty, Propensity to recommend, Media value, Brand affinity, before determining that the average Facebook fan is worth $174.17.

The research also told that, the Fans who gave “Like” to certain brands would spend $116 on the brands more than those who did not, even they have similar income. Compared to other consumers, those brand Fans have higher degree of satisfaction and loyalty on the certain brands. In other words, they spend more, engage more and advocate more. For those brands, this is the resource they cannot ignore.

idoo Video Editor: Let Yourself Win More “Like” on Facebook

How to win “Like” on your Facebook? To share your videos on Facebook, that’s the very important thing you need to do.

However the video quality would determine everything. If the video was tediously long, most people would feel boring, they would have no interest on it, not to mention to give “Like”. What shall we do, to make our video just like movie previews, short but exciting? idoo Video Editor, a great Facebook video converter and cutter, will give you the right answer. The following part will illustrate how to cut and convert videos for Facebook by idoo Video Editor.

Tips:idoo Video Editor is compatible with various OS, such as Windows 8/7/XP etc.


facebook video converter

1.   Click “Add File” (Arrow1) to select the file to edit.

2.   By adjusting the time sliders (Arrow2&3) to select the start and end of the part you want. The length and current time are showed below the screen (Arrow4).

3.   Determine the cutting mode: to keep the selected part (Arrow5) or to remove the selected part (Arrow6).

4.   The “Duration” (Arrow7) shows the length of the cut part.

5.   The start and end time can be also adjusted by putting in the exact time in the boxes (Arrow8).

6.   Click the drag-down list of “Output Format” (Arrow9).

facebook video converter

7.   You may select your target video format, “Facebook Video” (Arrow11) from “Online Video” (Arrow10) file types.

8.   Click “Start” (Arrow12) to begin editing.

Then you may check the output file or edit it.
For more detailed operations, please refer to relative information in our sites.

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