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How to split video into parts of custom-defined file size?

Where to find a great video splitter that can be free downloaded?

It is a common question. Let’s take a look at those free video splitter first. Unfortunately, though there are so many freewares, they either have plug-ins, or usage limitations, or mandatory watermarks, and most of them do not have adequate functions to satisfy our requirements. However, there are also video splitters for which you have to pay, and they can be divided into two kinds:

One is software of layer edit modes. These are softwares emphasize on video creation, video special effects, video fine edit etc.. They are relatively professional, and the complicated operation is difficult for most family video editors. Sometimes we spent much time on learning them while the results came out barely satisfactory.

The other kind is those softwares with clear interface, simple operation and powerful functions, just like idoo Video Editor. When you free download this idoo Video Editor, you get AVI splitter and mp3 splitter free downloaded too. Because it is a powerful free video splitter integrates function of format conversion, and supports almost all video and audio formats.

How to split video into parts of custom-defined file size?

We will show you one simple application of split function of idoo Video Editor, and how to split video into parts of custom-defined file size.


how to split videos

a.   Add your video file and click “Limit each Segment to” (Tag 1).

b.   Click “Custom Size” (Tag 2) in the drag-down list.

how to split videos

c.   In the dialog box of “Custom Split Size”, you may define the file size of the output videos, and save it as default.

After that, we may further edit this video or click "Start" to complete the editing. Please check the related articles for more information.

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