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How to split MP4 video files according to the time span?

Why we need to split MP4 video?

MP4, which is short for MPEG-4 Part 14, is a media file format based on MPEG-4. MP4 is supported by MP4 Players, smart phones, iPod, PS3 and many media devices, and also have been used by dominant social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook. And MP4 is one of the most popular video formats today.

When we transfer video files between various media devices, we often found that the videos are too large to be transferred or edited easily. For instance, if we want to transfer family videos from DVD to mobile players or share them online, it would be much easier if they were converted into MP4. Meanwhile, we also need to split MP4 video into parts to store and share them.

That’s why we need to split MP4 videos. And luckily your demand can be fulfilled by idoo Video Editor.

How to split MP4 video files according to the time span?

Run this MP4 video splitter and add the file you want to split, you can see the options of definition, file size, video length(with precision of millisecond) and other file information on the right top of the interface. And this is the preparation for the next step.

idoo Video Editor can split video or audio files in several ways, which you can set in those tabs, and this can fulfill user demands to the greatest extent and simplify the operation a lot.

In the following part, we will introduce how to split video files by fixed time span, and how to convert them into MP4 files, in detail.

idoo Video Editor can play the video with the precision of millisecond, and support the OS of Windows 8/7/Xp.


1. To split video files by specific time span.

how to cut videos

a.   Click “Add File” (Tag 1) to select the video to split.

b.   Drag the time slider (Tag 2) to preview the video.

c.   Click “Limit each Segment to” (Tag 3) and there are 6 modes with fixed length of video in the drag-down list. Select any one to begin splitting.

2. Convert files into MP4 format.

how to cut videos

a.   Open the function of “Advanced Video Cutter” in “Cutter”.

b.   Click “Add File” to select the video to convert.

c.   Click “Output Settings” (Tag 1).

how to cut videos

d.   Choose” Common Video” in the dialog box.

e.   Select “MP4 Video” (Tag 2), then click “Start” to convert files into MP4 format.

(You may ignore this step if your file is just MP4.)
After that, we may further edit this video or click "Start" to complete the editing. Please check the related articles for more information.

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