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How to split movie by idoo video editor?

Why it is a trend to create personal movies?

Movie editing may means two things: to create and edit family videos, or to edit, share, store movies or save them as material.

1. The cloud era is coming, and the blueprint of cloud computing is also ready to come out. Just with personal terminals, we can get all by the internet services, even including jobs like Supercomputing. From this perspective, the materials and tools to create and edit personal movies is already there, and it would be an easy job to do so. Everyone is his/her own director.

2. It bings us much pleasure to split movie, or to cut, join and edit them, and our media library becomes richer and richer. What we need is just a great software to realize it. Here comes idoo Video Editor, with its highlight of role of movie splitter. It will be introduced in detail below.

How to split movie by idoo video editor?

The function of movie split of idoo Video Editor is quite powerful, and we can split movies in different ways. There are mainly 6 modes:

    1. To split videos by specific time span.
    2. To split videos by specific file size.
    3. To split videos into parts of average length.
    4. To split videos by default time span of various capacity of VCD/DVD disks.
    5. To split videos into average parts, with custom defined time span or file size.
    6. To set the split point on time slider manually.

Here to introduce the operation of splitting movies by custom defined time span.


how to split videos

a.   After adding video file, click “Limit each Segment to” (Tag 1).

b.   In the drag-down list, select “Custom Time” (Tag 2).

how to split videos

c.   In the dialog box of “Custom Split Time”, you may define the time span of the output videos, and save it as default time span.

After that, we may further edit this video or click "Start" to complete the editing. Please check the related articles for more information.

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