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How to split MKV file?

Wht we need to split MKV files?

MKV is a Matroska media file, and being different from MKA and MKS, MKV is a format of “combination” and “encapsulation”, in other words, it is a container format. MKV’s biggest feature is that it accommodates a variety of different types of coding of video, audio and subtitle stream, including the exclusive formats for RealMedia and QuickTime. It is a subversion to traditional media format, and almost an all-purpose container. More than that, it is becoming a video format with great prospects also for its small size and high definition.

Inevitably we get involved with MKV files when edit videos, or we need to convert files into MKV after splitting them. What we need is an MKV video splitter.

How to split MKV file?

It follows almost the same operation to split MKV files, and the question is how to convert videos into MKV files after splitting them? Or shall we convert files into MKV first then to split? Actually, you can achieve both in just one step. You may take a look of the introduction of operation. Here we especially show you how to manually set the split points during the MKV split.


how to split videos

a.   Add your file, and click “Manual splitting” (Tag1) to set the split points by hand.

b.   Drag the time slider (Tag 2) to preview and preset the split point.

c.   Tag 3 is one of the split points.

d.   Tag4: Set the current point as split point. Tag 5: Turn to previous split point. Tag 6: Turn to next split point. Tag 7: Delete current split point.

e.   You may set several split points manually by those buttons above.

After that, we may further edit this video or click "Start" to complete the editing. Please check the related articles for more information.

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