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How to rotate the video and convert the format in one step?

Which is the best video rotate software?

If you rotated your DV by 90 degrees when capturing the video, and the scene was upside-down, how can you get it right? A lot of video editors can solve this problem, including the Windows Movie Maker, however, what we are calling for is a real good video rotate software. And idoo Video Editor is just such a great software.

It contains almost full video editing tools, such as cutter, joiner, splitter, subtitle, watermark and advanced effect. Moreover, it integrates the format conversion, and it also supports the swf files, which makes it outstanding among similar software. Video rotation is just one aspect of its powerful functions, and it is quite easy to use.
idoo Video Editor is easy to operate, and users can handle it readily, even the beginners.

How to rotate the video and convert the format in one step?

“I took a video of my friend’s birthday party by DV, well, when I played it on PC, I found it was upside-down. What should I do if I want to get it right and enjoy, share it on my phone? ”

This is a common problem which may be encountered by most users. It is really an easy job to rotate the video, however it would be not so easy to rotate it and edit it or convert the format just in one step. Luckily, you have idoo Video Editor.

The following part will illustrate how to rotate the video and convert the format in one step. Let’s take Samsung phone as example.

idoo Video Editor is compatible with various OS, such as Windows 8/7/XP etc..


video rotator download

1.   Click “Add File” (Arrow1) to select the file you want to edit.

2.   You may select the “Rotate Angle” from the left area of the interface (Arrow2).

3.   The rotated video can be previewed in the right box (Arrow3).

4.   Click the drag-down list of “Output Format” (Arrow4).

video rotator download

5.   Click “Samsung” in the list(Arrow5).

6.   The video formats for Samsung are listed in the right (Arrow6), and you may select the format you need.

7.   Click “Start” to begin editing.

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