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How to rotate MP4 video?

Why and how to rotate MP4 video?

What does “MP4” mean? It is short for “MPEG-4 Part 14”, which is a multimedia computer file format based on MPEG-4. And it is mainly used to store digital audio or video. MP4 file is supported by most media devices, and because of its small size and high image quality, it is one of the most popular media formats today, and that’s why we often encounter MP4 files.

For some reasons, such as the shooting angle, or the requirements of post-production, we may often need to rotate the video. And while rotate it, we may also have other demands, including format conversion. Now idoo Video Editor can give you all of these.

How to rotate MP4 video?

Actually, “rotate MP4 video” may have two aspects: one is to rotate the MP4 file, and the other is to convert the video into MP4 after rotating it. The following part will illustrate “rotate MP4 video” in detail.

idoo Video Editor is compatible with various OS, such as Windows 8/7/XP etc..


video rotator download

1.   Click “Add File” (Arrow1) to select the video you want to edit. Here we take an MP4 file as example.

2.   You may select the “Rotate Angle” from the left area of the interface (Arrow2).

3.   Click the drag-down list of “Output Format” (Arrow3).

video rotator download

4.   Click “Common Video” in the list(Arrow4).

5.   You may select the MP4 format from the list to convert the video into MP4 file (Arrow5).

6.   Click “Start” to begin editing.

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