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How to Edit and Convert YouTube 4K video?

As early as July 11, 2010, Google announced that YouTube would begin to support 4K video. 4K, namely 4096×3072 resolution ratio, quadruples the resolution of the currently used 1080p HDTV. On January 3, 2014, YouTube showed the 4K HD video streaming service at the CES in Las Vegas, which has adopted Google's video codec technology——VP9. As can be seen, with the advent of the 4K era, as the largest video sharing website, YouTube is certainly not far behind. Thus, we will definitely watch more YouTube 4K videos and upload more 4K videos to YouTube.

idoo Video Editor works equally well on supporting 4K video editing and conversion. It allows you to conduct professional editing for the downloaded YouTube 4K video and convert it into any format adapting for different devices and social platforms. And, it can edit your 4K videos while converting them into a 4K format for YouTube. There will be no video quality loss during the process.

Now, we will demonstrate how to do this by the following tutorial.


1Run idoo Video Editor and open "Advanced Cutter". Click "Add File" to load YouTube 4K video, and cut video by dragging slider. See picture below.

edit YouTube 4k video

2Click " Output Settings", and select the output format as YouTube HD. See picture below.

convert YouTube 4k video
how to edit YouTube 4k video

Tops:In this way, we can edit YouTube 4K video and convert it into the desired one.

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