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How to cut VOB files?

What is a vob file?

VOB is short for DVD Video Object. It contains the genuine data of the video and it is the key files on DVD discs. In other words, VOB is audio and video file of DVD. As a format of audio and video, VOB is widely used for homes and businesses.

How to cut VOB files?

We often need to extract the video data from DVD as materials for video editing or to bring the video after cut and editing into DVD discs for sharing or collection. As general users, we need an easy-to-use and fully functional software which can convert vob to AVI and edit vob files. idoo Video Editor is the very one you need. The following part is detailed tutorial to cut VOB files by idoo Video Editor.


how to cut videos

1Click “Add File” (Arrow 1) to choose the video/audio file.

2Drag the sliders (Arrow 2) to select the video/audio section to cut or trim. Click “Cut” (Arrow 3) to get the file for preview (Arrow 4). You can repeat the above steps to generate more than one preview files.

3Click “Browse...” (Arrow 5) to decide the file's save path.

4Click “Start” (Arrow 6) to begin cutting and sAVIng the output at the same time. Please see picture above.

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