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How to cut video clips on Windows 7, vista, xp?

Why do we need to cut internet video clip?

The videos captured by the DC or DV cannot fully satisfy our demands, either the size or the quality. We have to cut those oversized files, and clip those that contain unwanted parts. We also have to rotate video clip. In one word, it is of great importance to extract what we want exactly in a file, and no doubt it is also vital in the video editing process. So, we need a video clip cutter software.

How to cut video clips on Windows 7, vista, xp?

Most video editor may reduce the quality of the file after cutting video clips, while the best cut video clip is not. and that’s we have to pay great attention to Luckily idoo Video Editor has no such problem. In fact, idoo Video Editor do not reduce the quality of the edited videos, either after cutting the videos one by one or in batch, or clipping any area of the video. It provides you the best quality for cut AVI clip, for cut mpeg clip, for cut video clips for YouTube,iPhone, iPad etc..

The function of video clip includes basic clip, clip in batch and advanced clip. You can choose them according to your needs.


how to cut videos

1Click “Add File” (Arrow 1) to choose the video/audio file.

2Drag the sliders (Arrow 2) to select the video/audio section to cut or trim. Click “Cut” (Arrow 3) to get a file for preview (Arrow 4). You can repeat the steps above to generate more than one preview files.

3Click “Browse...” (Arrow 5) to decide the save path.

4Click “Start” (Arrow 6) to begin cutting and sAVIng the output at the same time. Please see picture above.

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