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How to cut and effect video for Windows 8 7 xp on PC?

Why do we need to cut video after effect?

Edited cut out effect video by idoo Video Editor, although the quality of the video would not be reduced, they may still fail to meet our needs. The edited videos may be looked unnatural, or video cut effect is not satisfied, so we have to adjust the brightness, contrast or saturation, video cut sound effect, or add special effects to the video, to get satisfying video or audio for YouTube and other media devices.

How to cut and effect video for Windows 8 7 xp on PC?

The following part is detailed tutorial to cut and add effects to video. Enjoy the journey with idoo Video Editor to produce your video for iPad, iPhone, and please explore more advanced effects yourself!

You can cut and add effects to video at the same time, and you need to do them in order.


how to cut videos

1Click “Add File” (Arrow 1) to choose the video/audio file.

2Drag the sliders (Arrow 2) to select the video/audio section to cut or trim. Click “Cut” (Arrow 3) to get a file for preview (Arrow 4). You can repeat the steps above to generate more than one preview files.

3Click “Browse...” (Arrow 5) to decide the save path.

4Click “Start” (Arrow 6) to begin cutting and sAVIng the output at the same time. Please see picture above.

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