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How to Cut 4K Video?

4K digital film, also called 2160P, refers to digital film with the resolution of 4096×2160. It is the digital film with the highest resolution at present for its horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. Nowadays, most domestic digital films are 4K with the resolution of 2048×1080. Some are 1.3K(1280×1024), and so-called rural films are 0.8K(1024×768). The real 4K film shot by 4K camera and will be played by 4K projector.

With the popularity of 4K film, more and more 4K video has attracted our attention. In video editing, it's a Gordian knot to share and edit 4K video. Because of its big size, the common video editing software will run slowly, even be crashed. And it will take a long time for common software to edit and convert 4K video. It's very necessary to cut 4k video. Firstly, we can remove the clips we don't need, such as video leader and tail. Secondly, we can reduce the size of 4K video by cutting it. How to cut 4K video?

idoo Video Editor, a 4K video cutter, has powerful tools for editing 4K video and converting its format. Especially, it excels in its cut feature. It can cut 4K files in batch mode, can also conduct other advanced edits and cut video into multiple clips when to cut 4K.

The following tutorial will deal with a user problem.

" I have downloaded a 4K video, and I want to cut clips of it. Then convert it to play on iPhone. How can I do this."


11.Run idoo Video Editor. Open " Advanced Cutter" to load 4K video you need to edit. Then pre-cut it. See picture below.

cut 4k

2Click " Output Settings" to select the output format as iPhone. See picture below.

cut 4k video

3Click " Start" to begin editing and format converting. After that, we can get the desired result. See picture below.

how to cut 4k video
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