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How to create a watermark and more special effects to video?

How to create a watermark on videos?

In fact, it is not difficult to add watermark to video at all. All you need to do is to create a watermark and then add it to video by software.

Generally there are two kinds of watermarks: text and picture. Picture watermark need materials ot to create it first by certain software before adding it to your video. However the text ones just can be added directly on the screen by watermark tools.

Among so much various watermark software, maybe idoo Video Editor is the one for you. It makes your editing job easy and joyful, and with the integrated powerful functions and format conversion, the editing job is not complicated and boring any more.

How to create a watermark and more special effects to video?

It may well not enough to add plain watermarks to video to you. Sometimes the position or the font of the text watermark may not satisfactory, how can we perfect the watermarks?

You just need to add effects to the text watermark, and idoo Video Editor can help you easily finish this job.
The following part will show you how to do it.


how to add watermark to videos

1.   Click “Add File” (Arrow1) to select the file to edit.

2.   Click Arrow2 to add a text watermark. You may add more than one.

3.   Double click the selected watermark, and put in text in the box (Arrow3).

4.   The text will show in the preview box (Arrow4).

5.   Click “Font” (Arrow5) to make advanced settings to the text watermark, including fonts, size, special effects etc..

6.   Click “Start” (Arrow20) to begin editing. Then to check the output file or edit it.

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