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idoo Video Editor: Fast Convert 4K H.264 Video on Windows

Compared with other video coding standards, H.264 provides a higher image quality under the same network bandwidth. While given the same image quality, the compression ratio of H.264 is as twice as the standards of MPEG2, and most 4K videos employ H.264 at present. The 4K resolution gives us images of more than 8.8 mega pixel, which is more than 4 times of 1080P, and we can enjoy film-quality videos. Certainly the high quality is not without cost. Each frame of 4K video contains data more than 50MB, so it has a very high requirement on the PC to play or edit it. And more than that, because of its overwhelming size, it calls for a much larger hard disk capacity. Apparently, it is necessary for us to edit and convert 4K H.264 videos, for we need to enjoy and share them on various devices.

idoo Video Editor can convert 4K H.264 video into other formats while editing it. 4K H.264 video can be converted into various formats of different resolutions, such as MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, WMV, MKV, ASF. Or more conveniently, idoo Video Editor can convert 4K H.264 video by sorts of target devices, for example, Android mobile phone or Apple iPhone; or by websites just like Facebook or Yahoo. More than a 4K H.264 converter, idoo Video Editor can also extract audio from video, or add audio to video.

Let's deal with a practical issue. "I've got a 4K H.264 video, and I wanna make a DVD of some highlights by Windows DVD Maker. But the file's too big and not sported by Windows DVD Maker. What shall I do?"

The following tutorial will show you how to solve this problem by idoo Video Editor.


1Run idoo Video Editor and open "Advanced Video Cutter ". Click "Add File" to load 4K H.264 Video, and set the start and end point of the part you want. See picture below.

convert 4k h.264 video

2Click "Output Settings" and select AVI, which suits the Windows DVD Maker. See picture below.

4k h.264 video converter

3Click "Start" to begin cutting and converting, and we will get what we need after the process completed.

how to convert h.264 video
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