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How to Add Subtitles to TS?

TS is a package format used for Japanese HD camera shooting. Its full name is MPEG2-TS. TS stands for Transport Stream. Its packets are 188 bytes length. And they are transported separately. TS has a header of 4 bytes and the payload of 184 bytes. TS can contain video, audio, custom information, etc. MPEG2-TS is mainly used in real-time programs, like broadcast TV programs. The feature of MPEG2-TS is that independent decoding can work starting from any piece of video streaming. To put it simply, if we cut one piece of VOB file(or data is corrupted) on DVD, so the whole file cannot be decoded; while TV programs can be decoded or we can watch TV at any time.

Because of the above features, TS has become a popular HD format. We will deal with many TS files when to download film. With the popularity of HD programs made by HDTV on the Internet, we need to know how to play TS and how to add subtitles to TS. This article will focus on these aspects.

The common video editing software cannot finish adding subtitles and converting format in one step. However, idoo Video Editor can do it! It has simple subtitle features. The video output format can be set on the same panel. Meanwhile, we can also conduct other advanced edits for TS, such as crop, add music, etc. After all settings done, all operations can be done in one step.

Now, let's deal with a user problem.

" How to add downloaded subtitles to a TS file?"


1 Run idoo Video Editor and open " Subtitle" to load TS. See picture below.

add subtitles to ts

2Click " Load Subtitle" on the top left to load subtitle files. And set size and position of subtitle. See picture below.

how to add subtitles to ts

3Click " Start" to add subtitles. After that, we can get the desired video. See picture below.

how to adding subtitles to ts
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