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How to add special effects to videos?

What is a special effects video?

When we edit the videos, we often cut, crop, split or join them, while as the development of the social networks and the media devices, our demands changed too.

Naturally, as one basic function of video editing, special effects are becoming more and more important. We often need to add special effects to our videos. Now even for beginners, it is not a difficult job to arrange special effects for video. If you got the right special effects video software, you may give your video professional visual effects easily.

And idoo Video Editor is just your best choice.

How to add special effects to videos?

The scenes of movies and advertisements were added special effects. As general family users, how could we get those vivid and exaggerated videos?

The effect function of idoo Video Editor is isolated from the other functions, and the interface is clear, and make the operation very easy. It provides more than ten professional special effects to users, such as “Old film”, “Pencil”, “Glow” and so on.

The following part will show you the operation.


video editing software

1. Click “Add File” (Arrow1) to select the file to edit.

2. You may select the special effects you want from the left box (area pointed by Arrow2).

video effect software

3. For example, if you choose the effect of “Old Film”, the effects will be shown in the right preview box.

video effect software

4. Based on this effect, you may add more. For example, if you also check “Oil Painting”, the effect will be added to “Old Film”, and so forth.

5. When you finish all settings, click “Start” to begin editing.

Then you may check the output file or edit it.

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