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How to Add Image to TS?

As the popularity of HDTV programs on the Internet, enthusiasts know well about the term “TS”. Thereupon, how to play TS? How to add watermark to TS? This article will show you how to do this. TS is a package format used for Japanese HD camera shooting. But what is MPEG2-TS? MPEG2 in DVD program, to be exact, is MPEG2-PS. Its full name is Program Stream,while TS stands for Transport Stream. MPEG2-PS is mainly used in storing programs with fixed length of time, such as DVD, film. MPEG-TS is mainly used in real-time transmission programs, such as real-time TV programs. What are the main differences between the two formats? To put it simply, if we cut one piece of VOB file(or data is corrupted) on DVD, so the whole file cannot be decoded; while TV programs can be decoded or we can watch TV at any time. After we know the features of TS, we will find TS is a special video format. TS is a HD package format, so it’s very popular on social networks and video websites. With the upgrade of hardware, there will be more devices supporting TS. So it will be common to deal with TS in video editing.

So, how to add image to TS video? You can add image to TS file easily by the function “Watermark” of idoo Video Editor, and you convert TS into any other formats.

According to the function “ Watermark” of idoo Video Editor , we can add watermark to TS, no matter text watermark or picture watermark. We can also set the timing and transparency of watermark, and can also set the starting time of watermark in the video. Meanwhile, it can finish advanced editing for TS video, such as Cut, Trim, Add effects, Add subtitles and Add Music. When all settings done, we can set the video output format as any one of major formats.

Now, let’s deal with a FAQ. “ I have made a TS video, but how can I add my own LOGO to the video?”


1Run idoo Video Editor and open “ Watermark” to load TS video. Then click “ Add Picture Watermark” to add picture watermark, and set the location and starting time of watermark. See the picture below.

add image to ts

2Click “ Start” to begin editing. See the picture below.

add watermark to ts

3We can get the desired video after we finish editing. See the picture below.

how to add image to ts
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