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For Your Android, What Does idoo Video Editor Mean?

Android Has Taken An Advantage in The Competition with iOS

In the smart phone market in US, Android has been keeping on eating up the market share of iOS of Apple. The latest report of Kantar Worldpanel pointed out that, by the fiscal quarter ended in February 2013, the market share of Android had reached 51.2%, which had exceeded iSO’s 43.5%. While just one year ago, the market share of Android and iOS are 45.4% and 47% respectively. This report also showed the reason why Apple is on the way of developing cheap version of iPhone.

Obviously, Android has taken an advantage in the competition with iOS anyway.

For Your Android, What Does idoo Video Editor Mean?

The greatest features of idoo Video Editor: Easy, Small, Smart. idoo Video Editor is your best video editor for android.

Integrated the effect function with powerful format conversion, idoo Video Editor enables users to add various effects to videos as they want. And thanks to its easy operation and speedy process, even beginners will feel comfortable with it.

Compared to similar software, idoo Video Editor has another big feature which is worth mentioning: all its functions are classified and lay out clearly and in detail. For example, the “Effect” is shown as an isolated function, users can find all effects in it, and they will feel more interactive and inspired when they add effects to their videos. Moreover, the function of preview and screen capture is helpful too. We can preview or capture the screen whenever we need, don’t you think it would greatly improve our efficiency?

“Effect” is just a sub function of idoo Video Editor, there are more great functions which will provide users easy and professional video editing services. Meanwhile idoo Video Editor is also a powerful video converter, which supports almost all audio/video formats, and it can convert the video format during any stage of editing. More than that, the output formats are clearly classified and you may easily convert videos into formats for Android. idoo Video Editor is an easy-to-use Android video editor.

We will illustrate the function of “Effect” by the following example.


android video editor

1.   Click “Add File” (Arrow1) to select the file to edit.

2.   You may select the special effects you want from the left box (area pointed by Arrow2).

video effect software

3.   By clicking “Output Settings”(Arrow3), the quality, size and other configurations of output files can be set in the dialog box. See picture showing above.

video effect software

4.   Click Arrow4, and select the Android format you need from the list. See picture showing above.

5.   When you finish all settings, click “Start” to begin editing. Then you may check the output file or edit it.

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