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What is The Best MXF Editing Software?

MXF, a shortened form of Material Exchange Format, mainly applies to media production, edit, publishment and storage in film-television industry. We always call the MXF file format one kind of container files. That is to say, MXF has nothing to do with content data format.

What’s the greatest advantage of MXF? MXF can process and package multi-track audio and video files and data files at the same time. MXF is designed to transmit streaming media and other files. So, because of its high mobility, it can improve the situation that the network environment is so frustrated because there is no standard file formats.

Now, I want to introduce the best MXF editing software——idoo video editor. It can merge, cut, segment and add watermark for MXF files. Meanwhile, as a powerful format, MXF just needs a period of time to be a commonly used format in the future. Now, MXF cannot be recognized by any decoders. And the most professional video editing and converting software cannot edit or covert MXF files. So, we need idoo video editor to edit MXF files. idoo MXF converter, integrated with MXF video editor, can support input and output MXF files, so we can edit MXF files and convert MXF files in simple steps at the same time.

How to edit MXF? How to convert MXF?According to the following steps, we will know how to operate it.


1Run idoo Video Editor , start Advanced Cutter to add MXF video, as shown below.

mxf video editor
mxf editing software

2Drag the scrollbar to pre-cut the MXF file. Then click “ output settings”, to choose the format you want to convert on the resulting menu, such as MP4. As shown below.

mxf converter

3Click “ start” to begin editing. As shown below.

edit mxf video

4After cutting and format conversion, we will finish cutting MXF files and converting the edited file into MP4. As shown below.

covert mxf files
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