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Editor's Review

  • Most video editors are either too complicated or too simple. If you want to cut a video, add subtitles or perform other actions, you must nAVIgate through countless options.In other cases, the used program may not include the features you need. With idoo Video Editor Pro, you can perform various editing actions on videos, as well as on audio tracks. The application is well balanced, so you can find everything you need for basic editing tasks and you don't have to find your way through a maze of options.

User Reviews

  • Ingram

    01/21/2017 08:21:32

  • Anyone who needs upload a large video to YouTube, Facebook and other online site, this one is best video splitter for you
  • Werner

    10/02/2016 09:32:12

  • It is easy and does the job as it stated, and I like the average split mode than others
  • Jessi

    05/23/2017 11:23:49

  • It is a nice video-splitting program proves that single-minded focus for me

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Users Say

"This tool takes the hard work out of managing video content between MAC and non-compatible devices."

- Fred Bellew

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