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How to Add Music to Movie?

The well-known movie editing software include Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Ulead MediaStudio Pro, Pinnacle Studio Adobe After Effects 7.0, so on.those software can help users create myriad different remarkable dynamics and visual effects in efficient ways. And,users can use the integrated and flexible composition of 2D and 3D and several kinds of pre-set effects and flash to make refreshing effect for movie, video, DVD and MACromedia Flash video by these software or other Adobe software.

Actually, when we begin editing movies, we will use more than those software. We will use post production software, three-dimensional production software and audio production software.

As a video editing fan, we don’t have enough time to learn so many difficult software. In fact, we just need a user-friendly video editing software with comprehensive tools, and it can solve the common problems in video editing.

So, I really want to recommend idoo Video Editor for you. It has a simple and clear interface. This software has comprehensive editing tools. Meanwhile, it supports format converting for almost all the formats.

Many professional software do a really good job in adding music to video or movie. However, as mentioned above, it’s not so easy to master these skills. By using idoo Video Editor, we can add music to movie or replace the background music in simple steps. At the same time, we can add effects and subtitles to movie. Finally, we can change the movie to other formats based on our needs, such as a suitable format for iPhone.

Here, we ‘ll show you how to add music to movie by idoo Video Editor according to the following tutorial.


1Run idoo Video Editor and open “ Advanced Cutter” to load movie file. Then select “ Add Music”. See the picture below.

add music to movie

2Click “ Load Music” to add music and set advanced settings and editing to the music you want to add. See the picture below.

how to add music to movie

3When all settings done, click “ Start” to begin editing. After that, we can get the movie we need. See the picture below.

how to add music to video
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