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How to Add Effects to TS Files?

As the popularity of HDTV programs on the Internet, TS has become one of popular formats. So, how to play TS files? How to add effects to TS? How to add subtitles to TS? How to convert TS? The full name of MPEG2-PS in DVD program is Program Stream. And the full name of TS is Transport Stream. MPEG2-PS mainly applies in storing program with fixed length, like DVD movies. While MPEG-TS mainly applies in real-time program, like TV programs. The feature of MPEG2-TS is that it can be decoded from any piece of video stream. idoo Video Editor can add special effects to TS and encode or decode it, then convert into other popular video formats.

Add Effects of idoo Video Editor can help us add effects to ts files. At the same time, here are some other advanced settings for us to choose, as cut, merge, effects and so on. We can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation of TS video.

Now, let’s have a look how to add effects to TS.


1Start idoo Video Editor and open "Effects" function to add TS file you want to edit. Then choose which effect you want to add. As shown below.

add effects to ts

2Choose Facebook Video from Output Settings menu. As shown below.

how to add effect to ts

3Return to main interface. Click Start to edit and convert. As shown below.

add special effects to ts
add effects to ts video
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