Seven Secrets About Convert 4K Video To Other Formats Which Nobody Will Tell You (2019)

We characterised 4K video as high definition, but at the same time the video volume is enormous and can not be used in many scenarios. To reduce video volume, we have to use the 4K converter. A 4K converter can convert 4K video to other formats so that we can easily edit, save and share this video.

This article divides into three parts: why need to convert 4K video to other formats, seven secrets about convert 4K video to another format, and how to converse 4K video.

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4k to other formats

Part1. The Necessity and Importance of Converting 4K Video

1. 4K video is vast and requires a lot of storage and playback equipment.

First of all, 4K and the occupied space or video volume are not necessarily related. Because 4K is just resolution, how much space is filled by 4K video, the key depends on the encoding format and bit rate. For example, regarding encoding format, MPEG2 is twice as large as H.264/H.265. Concerning bitrate and compression, the 1-minute 4K video has a few hundred M, and several G.

But in general, the original 4K video without compression is quite large, and the 1K 4K video is more than 5 G, far beyond the general hardware playback ability, even if it can play, we use the naked eye in the general equipment can't see the essential difference between it and 1080p video. At the same time, in general, a compressed 4K movie is also above 100G, which is also very inconvenient for storage.

2. 4K video is difficult to edit.

It is tough to edit 4K video non-linearly, considering the considerable volume or storage space of 4K video, let alone linear editing. In theory, We can edit 4K video, but in fact, it often causes a software crash because of too large a film. Even loading the 4K video, it will be more difficult. And even with powerful computers, editing 4K videos can be time-consuming. So we need to convert 4K video to other formats, which can easy edited and shared.

3. 4K video is not easy to upload to social platforms, such as YouTube.

Although YouTube already supports 8K videos, we really can't spend too much time editing videos and uploading videos. The most prominent feature of social platforms is timeliness. Simple, fast and effective sharing is the most important.

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Part2. 7 Secrets - Converting 4K video to seven different formats (resolution)

Secret 1. Convert 4k video to MP4

The "video format" we usually say in general has three parts: video coding, audio coding, and container format. The concept of "encoding" actually includes two aspects: encoding and decoding. Regarding solve the problem of storage and transmission of multiple sets of different types of data after encoding, it is necessary to organise them according to a certain rule. This organisation mode is a container format. Our common video file extensions include .AVI, .rmvb, .MP4, .MKV, and more. The extension refers to a certain container format.

The MP4 file usually contains H.264/H.265 encoded video and AAC encoded audio after the emergence of H.264/H.265/MP4, HD video unified into this format. High-definition, large-size H.264/H.265/MP4 or H.264/H.265/MKV becomes the mainstream video format. High bandwidth allows users to download 1080p or 720p H.264/H.265/MP4 video in more than 5GB. But in fact, H.264/H.265 / MP4 can also do low-quality, small-size video. Since H.264/H.265 has become the industry standard, there are usually hardware decoder chips on mobile devices that can play H.264/H.265/MP4 video with low power consumption. New desktop systems such as Windows 10 and MAC OS X now also come with H.264/H.265/MP4 decoding capabilities, eliminating the need for additional decoders.

Therefore, in any respect, the current 4K video can be converted to H.264/H.265/MP4 with different definitions depending on the situation.

Secret 2. Convert 4k to HD (Including 1080p and 720p)

HD is short for High Definition. It refers to an image or video with a vertical resolution of 720 or higher. It is also called HD image or HD video. The size is generally 1280×720 and 1920×1080. The full name of "HD" is called "high definition."

So convert 4k to HD generally refers to 1080P and 720P resolution. HD video is currently suitable for most computer devices and mobile devices and is also easy to publish and share on social platforms.

Secret 3. Convert 4k video to MP3

MP3 is an audio compression technology, and the full name is Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III, referred to as MP3. It is designed to reduce the amount of audio data dramatically.

MP3 is by far the most user-friendly lossy compressed digital audio format. Moreover, the encoding method of MP3 is open, and it is possible to select different acoustic principles for compression processing based on this standard framework.

There are two situations. First of all, the audio track in the 4K video is formerly MP3 format, and then we need to split the MP3 in the 4K video into a separate music file. Second, if the audio track is in another audio format, we can also separate the audio track separately and retain its form, or convert to MP3 format.

Above, it is easy to do with idoo Video Editor Pro.

Secret 4. Convert 4k to online videos, such as YouTube video, Vimeo video

convert 4k to online video

Although YouTube and Vimeo have almost no restrictions on the format of uploaded videos, when we consider the time it takes to upload videos, we have to admit that we have to convert large 4K videos to smaller online videos at the same time sacrificing some clarity within an acceptable range (such sacrifices are almost invisible to the naked eye). It's worth it.

When we record 4K videos and share them on our own devices, the most important thing is to let the world understand our thoughts and emotions, not the clarity of the video. We need a video editing/conversion software to put our 4K video on our watermark or add effects, add audio tracks, merge and other edits according to your needs, and finally get small and easy to share online video.

Secret 5. Convert 4K to 2K

Watching or downloading 4K videos on a mobile device or a regular computer is not the best option. So, the best solution is this: Convert 4K resolution to 2K / 1080p resolution.

2K resolution(open in a new window) is a generic term for display devices or content hAVIng a horizontal resolution of approximately 2,000 pixels. Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) defines 2K resolution Standard as 2048×1080. In the movie projection industry, Digital Cinema Initiatives is the dominant standard for 2K output.

So, using idoo Video Editor Pro to convert 4K to 2K / 1080p, you can easily enjoy HD video on your phone and tablet. At the same time, our viewing experience is not much different from 4K video. At least, we can't feel this difference on the conventional device.

Secret 6. Convert 4K MKV to MP4

The following are three differences between the MKV and MP4 formats:

1. MKV is usually used to store videos that require high image quality.

2. MP4 is generally used to store videos that need to play on mobile devices.

3. MP4 has better compatibility than MKV, the file size is smaller than MKV, but the video quality is slightly worse than MKV.

So, as far as the same 4K resolution video, to better store, view, and share on mobile devices, we need to Convert 4k MKV to MP4.

Secret 7. Convert 4k video to another format, such as AVI, MOV, M2TS, etc

In general, 4K resolution video formats are MP4 or MKV. In some specific cases, we need to add other video formats, such as AVI, MOV, M2TS, etc. For example, if we need to combine 4K video and an AVI video, it is more appropriate to choose a lower resolution AVI format.

So, we can use idoo Video Editor Pro to convert video formats to AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, M2TS, etc. In this way, we will be able to play videos on Apple TV, QuickTime, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Windows Media Player and other players more efficiently, and it will be more convenient for us to post edited 4K video and watch, save and share it on various mobile devices.

Part3. Solution: How to convert 4K video by using idoo 4K Converter


Open idoo Video Editor Pro, open the Video Watermark function, and select the 4K video we need to turn the format, as shown below:

4k to other formats


Click on Output Settings, you can see in the drop-down menu, there are a variety of forms listed, and these formats divided into online video, iPhone and other categories, convenient for us to choose. We choose one of the types we need. As shown below:

convert 4k to other video formats


After selecting the format, return to the main interface and click Start to start editing and converting the format. In the end, we completed the video conversion work and got the video we needed. As shown below:

4k converter

convert 4k files to other formats

You can explore and discover more integration features of idoo Video Editor.

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